I'm a distributed software systems researcher and cloud optimization developer at SAP.


A wide variety of topics interest me. My research focuses on resource scheduling of data center resources and distributed applications. Cloud systems are large, complex distributed systems characterized by heterogeneity, multi-tenancy, geographical dispersion, and workload fluctuations. The mapping of resources and demands faces fundamental tradeoffs between resource utilization and application performance. Controlling these tradeoffs concerning given requirements constitutes an exciting challenge.
More recently, I've shifted my focus on reinforcement learning for systems. I'm currently finishing a project on an actor critic design for a resource scheduling problem. In another private project, I'm working on a music recommender system to match my enthusiasm for listening to music.

I managed the project dynSFC, supervised 18 BSc/MSc theses, (co-)organized the DSP programming lab between 2016 and 2020, and supported teaching of the foundations of distributed systems class (2017/2018). Since 2016, I'm a member of the Collaborative Research Centre (CRC) MAKI - where I work on resource scheduling for end-to-end communication systems. In 2017, I received a two-years Software Campus grant of almost 100k€.